Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: September

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: September

In no particular order, some of my favourite sounds from September..


LANKS – Holla

An incredibly hardworking and talented singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist/jack-of-all-trades, LANKS is a dude out of Melbourne that I’ve championed through community radio the last couple of years and to see him really take off now is Just. So. Wonderful. Latest track “Holla” is a shining example of just how well he can craft a textured yet atmospheric electronic soundscape with added warmth thanks to his signature vocals. I reckon “Holla” could be his most dynamic work to date and it’s a cut from his forthcoming EP Viet Rose, due October 14.


KULT KYSS – Get Up Boy

An eclectic fusion of future pop and primal electronica with a slight Bonobo influence, “Get Up Boy” is the debut single from emerging Melbourne duo Kult Kyss that has left me salivating, straight up. There’s such a hypnotic, commanding vibe to this track and I’m really eager to see what lies ahead for these two.


WALLACE – Raffled Roses

She’s one of my favourite vocalists and whilst she’s drawn many comparisons to Kimba and Macy Gray, WALLACE has a spark and quirk that just cannot be matched. “Raffled Roses” is her most recent offering and it’s got a solid calypso pop beat laced with some jazzy vocals, making for one heck of a jam. Often described as a future-soul artist, WALLACE in my opinion is the futureeee of soul.


JAALA – Junior Spirit

Jaala’s erractic fusion of progressive art-pop and indie-rock elements really put the 4 piece in a league of their own and I’m so stoked to hear this first taste of their forthcoming second album, due for release next year. “Junior Spirit” again sees a choppy tempo, bouncing between moments of jazzy instrumentation and impulsive bouts of thrashing as frontwoman Cosimo croons and cries through the tales of foolishly loveable, young souls. 



SAFIA – My Love Is Gone

This is my favourite track from their debut album Internal, also released this month. A real banger of a tune, I can really visualise “My Love Is Gone” going offffff live thanks to its lush production, pop-savvy melodies and explosive chorus. Those Canberra boys sure have come a long way.


Continuing to impress with her unique take on indie pop rock, “High Tide” is driven by some fucking delightful western guitars, rolling percussion and Sandridge’s commanding vocals that prick my ears just like Kate Miller Heidke did back in the day. I feel a bit of a Fleetwood Mac influence throughout as well but heck, I just cannot help but go back to those guitar hooks man. So lush. A total boss live and one of my highlights from Bigsound earlier this month, Bec is currently touring with Montaigne at the moment and then alongside Cub Sport across October/November. Get the hell around her. 


Featuring Ira Horace, “Aubrey” marks the first time Running Touch has delved into the collaborative world and he’s totally nailed it. Think 80’s funk with a modern twist thanks to some sweet rap lines weaving in and out of the smooth vocals of RT himself. There’s a great energy here that has me straight up wigglin’, spreading this jam like it’s nobody’s business. 

INTROVERT – Everything Is Different Now

If you dig Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Basement and heck, even Violent Soho, then you will definitely enjoy this outfit outta Newcastle. Influences aside, the boys definitely bring a fresh take on the post-grunge/alt rock sound and I would highly recommend copping their debut EP Old Taste in ya ears. Can’t wait to see how they further evolve and establish themselves in the scene.



Where do I even start with this lady? Everything about her music is so unique yet so relatable, from her mature and intimate lyrics to her wonderfully crafted melodies. It’s fresh guitar pop with the right amount of nostalgia that makes me feel like an 18 year old again. Ahh, to be I right? Did I mention she’s 18? Crazy I know, but comforting in that we can expect a really bright future ahead for Miss G.


OKBADLANDS – Dust & Gold

This is an indie pop duo from Brisbane that stopped me in my tracks with just how well they weave through this soulful groove through some seriously lush vocals. Upon first listen, you may feel the tempo throughout is slightly chaotic, but brings about this sense of depth that will have you drifting. Really vibing it.  


Photo Credit: Sean Pyke