Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: September

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: September

Some huge releases for September and this month also marking two years of my lil blog! Yay! Here’s my standout jams…

RUBY FIELDS - Dinosaurs

*FEELS WARNING* cos Ruby is getting hella raw on this new track which I think totally rivals “I Want” as her best yet. “I’m scared of the fact that I’ve been to more funerals in my life than weddings” - like, this is vulnerability at its FINEST. Love the sonic journey from intimate guitar strumming to explosive percussion, that crashing at the end feels like the same release after crying. SUCH a momentous song.

WHETHAN - Radar {ft. HONNE}

This 19 year old Chicago producer is a total gun and injecting some serious funk in his new team up with UK duo HONNE. It’s a bright, bouncy track that crosses more into electro-pop territory, but the charming blend of synth, keys and drums alongside the warm vocal tones of HONNE really does serve as a testament to the versatility of Whethan’s music.

BENE - Soaked

Soak ya ears in this second single from Auckland teen Bene, a cool RnB pop tale of young romance fizzling out. If you like Clairo then I think you’ll be into this one.


My fave track from their new record, Iridescence. Actually, my fave track from BROCKHAMPTON, period. Production bangs, the verses hit hard and I just feel like I’m indestructible whenever I hit play on this!

KHALID - Better

2018 has been the year of collaborations for Khalid but the young gun has totally delivered on this solo single - a smooth, RnB jam I wanna sway to as the sun sets. Soooo nice.

EVES KARYDAS - summerskin {LP}

A debut record years in the making and proving to be well worth the wait! Aside from the already released tracks, I am particularly loving “Balance” and “Wildest Ones”. It’s a hugely impressive pop record laced with smooth synths, warm beats and confident vocals. In my top 3 for album of the year!

LANA DEL REY - Mariners Apartment Complex

I think everyone was maybe a bit worried that the Jack Antonoff production would take away some of Lana’s essence but this collaboration becomes entirely hers and as a result, it’s one of her best tracks to date if you ask me. A timeless, pop-rock ballad that will stop you in your tracks.

SAFIA - Starlight

Damnnn and THIS could just be my fave SAFIA track so far! It’s a lil dark and spacey, almost has a bit of a Daft Punk vibe but the groove is undeniable! A big ol’ earworm right here!

STAND ATLANTIC - Lavender Bones 

Been loving this pop-punk trio for a little while now and they’ve really brought it home on new single “Lavender Bones”. High energy and soaring melodies in a similar vein to New Found Glory and Paramore, Stand Atlantic are letting it ALL out and kicking total butt in the process!

GLADES - Eyes Wide Shut

My fave synth-pop honeys are going from strength to strength and showing a bit of a darker side in this new single. It’s still pop at its finest but with a moodier production and I’m feeling more urgency in Karina’s vocals. She is a total force in this track and I’m soooo keen for their debut album in November!

Eves Karydas is ya cover gal this month and snapped by her darling Mum, Melissa!