Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: October

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: October

AHHHH, IT’S ALREADY OCTOBER. This year has seriously gone so fast but I ain’t complainin’! Another month of wonderful songs for your listening pleasure, hope you like! x

EMPRESS OF - I Don’t Even Smoke Weed

Best track from her new album imho! Love the retro synths and electronic percussion, it reminds me so much of the music I listened to in 2009 and 18 year old Bridge is honestly THRIVING! Such. A. Bop.

FIDLAR - Can’t You See

The LA band have swapped punk for swag rock and I’m extremely here for it. Love the funky keys and Zac whipping out his falsetto. A clean cut track but super catchy nonetheless.

YORKE - First Light

This song makes me miss my car!! I sold it when I moved to Sydney this year but “First Light” would totally be a track I would crank the volume on and sing along to at the top of my lungs as I drive down the highway. It’s a romantic, nostalgic piece of pop perfection that I think any fans of Vera Blue or even Taylor Swift would like.


Another warm, feel good indie bop from one of my fave new discoveries of 2018. Bird is the word!

VERA BLUE - All The Pretty Girls

A smart and strong offering from Vera who seems to be channeling a bit of HAIM and Fleetwood Mac as she playfully takes on stereotypes in this new jam.


An epic rock-ballad from the Canberra four piece that is a straight punch to ya heart. Huge harmonies (I’m obsessed with how great Charlie and Hayley sound together), huge instrumentation, huge emotions…I’M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE.


There’s so much I love about this track. The warm guitar tones sit in a similar vein to The Paper Kites/The War On Drugs/Holy Holy/Middle Kids…Charlie’s vocals are so sublime and effortless. A longing indie rock number with a country folk twang and an impressive second single from the Tamworth native.


Mix some RnB and pop with some club elements plus the soulful barotone of Joyride, and you get this eccentric lil earworm! A stand out track from his debut album Sunrise Chaser.

BRING ME THE HORIZON - Wonderful Life {ft. Dani Filth}

The UK outfit have unleashed another monster of a tune from their forthcoming third record and it’s an aggressive, electrifying ode to their heavier roots with the help of metal legend Dani Filth.

THEOPHILUS LONDON - Only You {ft. Tame Impala}

I cannot get enough of this afro-boogie from Theo and Tame! A glitzy cover of Steve Monite’s 1984 hit that will tickle the fancy of any disco lover.

Moaning Lisa are ya cover buddies this month, snapped by Kalindy Williams. Check out her work here