Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: May

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: May

Some huge tracks dropping across May, here's a few words on my faves...

LAUREL - Lovesick

This is a lady I've been looking out for since first hearing Zan Rowe play "Hurricane" on the radio a few years ago, so naturally I was stoked to hear of Laurel's new track. And let me tell you, I think "Lovesick" is one of the best songs of 2018. From the restrained simplicity of those opening guitar and key lines to her bold, commanding vocals, I continue to find myself entirely captivated by the 23 year old talent.  I think any fans of Florence or Lana will really enjoy this first taste of Laurel's debut record (DOGVIOLET) which was entirely written and recorded in her home studio in East London. August 24, it's in the diary.


Nicole's taking the tempo down a notch with this synthy slow-burner and it's a total dream from start to finish. It's a nice change of pace from her previous release, and a strong reflection of the pop versatility displayed in her debut album, Excuse Me.

G FLIP - Killing My Time

Oh my god, the actual NERVE of this girl, I swear. First she comes out swinging with "About You", which has gotta be one of the biggest debuts of 2018, and THEN she backs it up with this infectious bop!? How dare you, G Flip. Seriously though, its a defiant pop jam that was a huge standout in her live set. Hooks for days, bit of an Alessia Cara vibe I reckon, 5 stars from me.


Powerful. Purposeful. Confident. Cutting. Confronting. 

To be honest, no words I write will ever do this song justice.

KLLO - Potential

It's a shift in sound for the Melbourne duo as they swap UK garage beats for tender piano chords on this lingering, RnB slow-burner. A fully emotive listen as Chloe holds on to every word as if each represents a memory of a relationship that despite its potential, has ultimately met its demise. Incredibly stunning and an exciting indication of where Kllo are headed.

MARIBELLE - I'm A Mess Without You

It's the first taste of new music from Maribelle since her 2016 EP and her most honest work to date. Contagious in sound and genuine in its lyrics, "I'm A Mess Without You" sees the Melbourne artist coming to terms with her sexuality as she channels some snappy, Scandi pop elements to create a total ear-worm of a track.


Ash radiates such warmth through her mellow soundscapes and this feels like the audio equivalent of a sweet embrace. Delicate, dreamy electro that will transport you.

GLADES - Not About You

My favessssss are coming in hot with their first release of 2018, a vibrant anthem clapping back at those who think the world revolves around them, and them only! Its another sparkling synth-pop delight from the trio who continue their rise as ones to watch, and after their stint at Listen Out this September, I expect even more people to jump on board the GLADES wagon (you'd be rude not to, tbh)

CLIENT LIAISON - Survival In The City

CL bringing the funk in this new single and first release since their 2016 debut record, Diplomatic Immunity. It's a cosmopolitan banger that relies more on euphoric house beats than their signature style of retro pop, as they address the fast pace of corporate culture. A refreshing tease of more to come from Monte and Harvey. 


Self described as the least consistent band in Sydney, Phantastic Ferniture have decided to revamp and re-release their single Fuckin 'N Rollin', and it's a glorious piece of garage-pop. More to come with their self titled debut album dropping in July. Sounds like these guys are just here for a good time, but I do hope it's also for a long time!


An early 90's tinged bop with playful metaphors to express ~opening up~ to your lover, and the title track of Troye's second album, due in August. Insanely catchy, truly iconic.

MARIBELLE is ya cover gal this month, snapped by Duncan Killick. Check out his work here.