Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: March

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: March

Huge month of music and a huge month for Australian pop! In no particular order, here are some of my fave tunes from March...


Ya girl's gone full synth-pop in this girl power anthem and I think it's Nicole's strongest work to date. As soon as those retro synths kick in my mood is immediately lifted, I'm boppin' from side to side and my sweet tooth for pop is completely satisfied. Huge mood, on repeat, froth it. Debut album soon pls.


Stoked to be welcoming this Melbourne singer-songwriter back into the scene, after retreating to country Victoria to record her new album. A fantastic live talent, Gabriella has proved to grow with each release and that is further highlighted in new single "Baby". A tale of unrequited love, it's a real winner of a tune with Cohen's effortlessly cool vocals gliding over a lo-fi pop rock soundscape. Look out for the unexpected horn breakdown at the end!


IT KOTA SEASON, BBY. The 23 year old has really cemented herself as one to watch with new single "Zoom", a Swick produced effort that sees a smooth fusion of pop, RnB and afro-beat elements. Through her sultry yet playful vocal delivery, Kota commands your attention as she sings a tale of late night rendezvous and adventure. Love her.

LANKS - twentyseven

The title track of LANKS' upcoming debut record, twentyseven is a reflective piece of electro-pop that explores the fears and pressures of life and making something of yourself. A compelling soundscape with stirring keys, triumphant horns and those smooth vocals that ache with emotion. A constant hard worker who consistently delivers, I truly consider LANKS to be one of the most important contributors to Australian music right now.

ESSIE HOLT - Magnetise

Hugely impressed with this second single from Melbourne singer-songwriter Essie Holt. Produced by Fractures, Magnetise is an emotive and euphoric pop number with atmospheric synths and a chorus that soars. It'll really sweep you off your feet!

BLESSED - Superfly

Ok this guy is a superstar, for real. This new song of his is like this crazy cool fusion of hip hop and punk, a relatable tale of being broke but still being the flyest in the room and straight up, it's a song I could totally hear on all radio stations. If you recently saw BLESSED open for JOY. recently then you will agree with me when I say, boy can back it up live. You've been warned!


Two gems of the Melbourne music scene teaming up for some pure magic right here. Love the autotune touch, the intricate production and the deep lyricial exploration into the myth of Changeling. A mesmerising collaboration.

CXLOE - Monster

She's only two singles in but CXLOE is serving up a dark and dramatic blend of pop that Australia definitely needs right now. She's bold like BANKS, sensual like George Maple and holds lyrical intellect much like Lorde, yet CXLOE is already so aware of her own vision and purpose as an artist and I can't wait to see what else is brewing.


This Brisbane based MC made HUGE waves last year thanks to breakout single "Late Nights" and has quickly proven to be anything but a one trick pony with this new release. Think smoky, sultry beats paired with CR's reverb-drenched vocals, singing of untamed emotions and uncontrolled love. Leading a new wave of hip hop that ooooozes cool and class, CR is definitely one worth watching in 2018.


This lil slow burner is taken off the Love, Simon soundtrack and it was definitely love at first listen. A stunning pop ballad full of ridiculously romantic lines and a beautiful ambience created by those pulsating, spacious synths. Drowning in YOUR wonderful, Amy. Damn.

ANNA LUNOE - Blaze Of Glory

Anna Lunoe is goals, everybody. Kicking ass in the electronic scene for many years now but never afraid to experiment with her sound, which is exactly what Anna has done with this new single. An infectious, sweet slice of electro-pop that commands your attention from the opening claps, "Blaze Of Glory" is an incredibly fun moment that would sit in the same basket as Lily Allen, Santigold and Tkay Maidza, but still firmly highlighting Anna's authenticity. Check out the one-shot vid below too, it's pastel perfection.

BLESSED is ya poster boy for this months blog post and he was snapped by Ebony Boadu. She can also werk it in front of the camera, and the decks! Hit her up here.