Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: June

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: June

June, you bloody good thing, you. So many excellent releases from this month, here's a few of my personal faves..

LAUREL - Crave

This is one of two new songs that the UK artist shared late into the month and if this is what we can expect from her debut album in August, then I think it could be one of the best records of 2018. A pensive tale of lust and longing, "Crave" has the cinematic quality of any Florence track and a poised, evocative vocal delivery that could easily rival Lana Del Rey. This 24 year old is a star in the making with her raw take on chamber pop and I seriously cannot wait to hear the rest of DOGVIOLET. 

TIA GOSTELOW - Strangers {ft. LANKS}

Talk about dream team! A nostalgic tale of a lost summer love, "Strangers" oozes such warmth and ambience that you could easily mistake these two artists for being lifelong collaborators, yet this pairing was only made just recently at a songwriting camp. Any fan of Angus and Julia Stone (or even #1 Dads x Ainslie Wills) will really enjoy this steady number, set to feature on Tia's upcoming debut album.

LAKYN - Sweet Days

Having followed this guy through Youtube/Passport/The Voice, it's pretty freakin' cool to see where Lakyn's at today with his music. Incorporating acoustic, electronic and RnB elements, "Sweet Days" is a slick offering that further captivates through lyrical vulnerability as Lakyn reflects on the bittersweet relationship between past and present. Also this line > "I just want you to know I'm sorry if I held you back", I FEEL that. Damn.

GOLD FIR - Fatal Fantasies

I've loved this mysterious London duo for a little while now and I've been waiting MONTHS for them to drop this beast!! It's a sleek fusion of afrobeat and synth pop, and almost like JUNGLE meets Erykah Badu. Undeniably groovy and one of my favourite tracks of the entire year.

SEASIDE - Golden Girl

These absolute treasures outta Byron are back with some shimmery indie pop-rock and what I reckon is their strongest track to date, in "Golden Girl". It's a real step up in sound with more crisp, commanding guitar lines but what I love is how Darcy's dreamy vocals still shine amongst a more energetic soundscape. Killer stuff.


Dreamy harmonies, fuzzed out guitars and an all in all breezy delight. These Canberra legends are just grabbing 2018 by the balls, hey. 

KLP - Amnesia

Anthemic pop with an undeniable groove, it's all about letting go and living in the moment with KLP's new tune, featuring backing vocals from Vincent Sole. A slight shift in sound for KLP too, her previous releases have felt a bit fuller/busier but I love the sparseness of this track, there's this cool tropical ambience about it and I think she's getting better with each release. 10/10 feel good vibes. 

FREYA - Cohabitation

This latest track from Melbourne artist Freya is one stunning piece of dream pop, or as she likes to call it, dreamo. It's very Turnover meets Snakadaktal, so you bet I loved it upon first listen. Taken from Freya's second LP, the Fifth.

YU YI - Peaches {ft. Ellen}

A slinky debut from this Brisbane producer who wants to bring a party to ya ears and take you on a funky space ride with his mate, Ellen! Impeccably smooth vocals that float over this crisp production, and definitely for fans of Cosmo's Midnight, Ninajirachi, Mura Masa etc.

SWEATER CURSE - Can't See You Anymore

I can't believe this is only their third single release, cos Sweater Curse sound like some damn seasoned veterans right here. Snail Mail meets Courtney Barnett with a 90's tinge, it's a swirling, raw indie-rock anthem destined to smack ya in the feels.

COSMO'S MIDNIGHT - Talk To Me {ft. Tove Stryke}

The talented twins are injecting some sweet Swedish pop into their groovy electro sounds with the help of Tove Stryke and the result is sweet, sassy and my fave track from their debut LP. 


A tech-house lovers dream and my fave cut from the new Presets record. It's got this incredible, pulsating energy through its tight percussion and crazy vocal samples, and seamlessly extends into the next track "Beethoven". Tune.

KIRA PURU - Molotov

Let it be known, the party don't start til Kira arrives! One of Australia's most commanding vocalists is quickly proving to be here for a good time AND a long time with this groovy follow up to last years pop hit, "Tension".

REIJA LEE - Love Nobody

You may recognise this lady as one half of duo Kito & Reija, or through some big feature vocal spots on tracks with Zeds Dead and her brother Shockone. But now, Reija Lee is stepping out on her own and making a strong statement with debut single "Love Nobody". A slow burning synth anthem of self love, "Love Nobody" is full of atmosphere, romance and nostalgia, marking an exciting introduction to the real Reija.


This month saw Sydney sensation Kota Banks drop her debut mixtape and boy, it is FIRE. So many glorious pop moments and "Child" is my highlight. Bright in production, tongue-in-cheek through its lyrics and confident in her delivery, Kota's whole image is just, SO realised and I love seeing her reshape the sound of Australian pop music. Get her on all the summer festivals pls.

CLYPSO - Pop Roll Flow

Instant party starter, ultimate mood enhancer, immediate energy hit. Incredible vibe from the Sydney artist/producer who's about to sprinkle her troppo-chill-flakes on tour with PNAU. Just go with the flow!

Laurel is this months cover gal, snapped by Andrea Mae Perez. Check out more of her work here.