Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: February

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: February

February, can you not? There were SO many incredible new songs from this month and it was so hard to narrow it down, here are some words of just SOME of my fave new releases xx

SET MO - Nightmares {ft. Scott Quinn}

Teaming up with UK vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Scott Quinn, Nightmares kicks off a monthly series of releases for Set Mo this year. It’s a hugely impressive track which taps into darker territory both sonically and lyrically, but still carries that signature house sound that the Sydney duo are renowned for. A strong and exciting indication of what’s to come!

BUZZY LEE - Coolhand

How good is it when you chuck on New Music Friday and a completely unfamiliar song smacks ya so hard in the face, you have to get up and check what the flip is playing? That was my introduction to Coolhand, the dreamy debut single from LA artist Buzzy Lee. Produced by Nicolas Jaar, Coolhand is a soulful, slinky delight that kindaaaa reminds me of Bat For Lashes circa 2009 with it’s spooky synths and Buzzy’s coooooool vocals. The song is about our self-worth being so wrapped up in social media which is relatable af and her debut EP drops April 27 if you too are feeling the buzz of Buzzy Lee!

CONFIDENCE MAN - Don’t You Know I’m In A Band

Sugar Bones? More like Sassy Bones WOW. This new one from everyone’s fave party-pop outfit sees Sugar take the lead on vocal duties and doesn’t he shiiiiiiiine. Step aside, Right Said Fred, cos this is the “I’m Too Sexy” of 2018. 


She’s only two songs in but holy fudge balls, Angie McMahon is making a huuuge mark on Australian music right now. Throughout Missing Me, you really feel Angie's vocal range taking you on such a journey - there’s power, there’s restraint, there’s highs and there's lows. Her songwriting is so realised and her guitar work just rips, hey. 10000% one to watch this year.


Find me a more heavenly voice, I dare ya. An emotive blend of dance and RnB, Oscar is seriously yet to disappoint me.

YSKA - Mother {ft. Guy Burns}

I heard this song and it gave me the same tingles that Snakadaktal did so it was definitely love at first listen. It’s hard for me to explain this sound, it’s so spacious yet feels so intimate? Whatever it is, I’m completely immersed. 


It’s been 2 and a half years since we last heard from Last Dinosaurs and the Brisbane outfit are back with the utterly fun and infectious tune that is Dominos. It’s everything we’ve come to know and love from the indie-rockers, with guitars reminiscent of their Zoom/Honolulu days and also those electronic quirks previously highlighted in tracks like Apollo (and even Evie). Yet, nothing sounds dated or overdone, it’s fresh, sharp and adventurous. 

G FLIP - About You

Everybody’s talking about her, so I won’t repeat what’s already been said about this fantastic debut. I will tell you however, that this song really made me remember why I do what I do. On the morning of Tuesday 13th February as I was getting ready for work, I saw the interns (incredible music blog) post about G Flip. I always trust what they share so I took a listen and I was sold, totally sold. I ended up listening to the song on repeat until I got to work and made room to play it on Good Nights that night. It just had to be on national radio, like ASAP. I'll be honest, the last few months have been a bit tough with moving interstate and stuff, but hearing this debut was a nice reminder of my purpose as a music presenter. So thank you, G!

CLEWS - Museum

SUCH a driving indie-rock number from the Sydney sisters, with a bit of a folk tinge too. Endearing harmonies and punchy instrumentation, I imagine it to be like if First Aid Kit sang on a Maddy Jane track. Love it, need more!


This is my favourite from Francesca so far. Her vocals really take charge of this electro-soul beat which actually reminds me of The Harpoons (and even Drake!), and lyrically is sending a strong message who those who won’t take no for an answer. Tell em, girl!


This new tune from Flight Facilities sees Hugo and Jimmy return to their old ways and it’s a total dream. Featuring the vocals of NZ artist NÏKA, Need You is simple,  smooth and an all round bloody bop. If you loved Crave You, you will be stoked with this one.


Flipping heck yes, it’s another stomper from Kim and Julian! A gradual build with some manipulated vocals, before a rolling drum section and then bam baby, you are completely blindsided with some dark, heaving synths that are reminiscent of their Apocalypso era. THE GOLDEN DAYS. Solid tune to get us pumped for their upcoming album, bring it onnnn.


You know those songs that will make you stop whatever it is you’re doing? The songs that keep you sitting in your car, even though you’ve already parked? This is one of them. S e r i o u  s  l y  S T U N N I N G!


Huge standout from their new EP, Butterfly. With a lot of influences on show, “My Design” remains fresh through its explosive rifts and crashing percussion. Aggressive, melodic and packs a real punch. 

TOVE STYRKE - Changed My Mind

It’s glossy, bubbly, catchy and fun - just everything that I love in a pop song! Itching for her new album in May.

If this isn’t enough for you, I’ve got a new music playlist on Spotify that is bursting with so many incredible tracks. You can follow it here

How cool is this month’s cover photo? It’s Tove Styrke snapped by Emma Svensson. You can check out her work here