Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: August

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: August

A big month for new tunes and especially for the Australian pop scene! Some guitars in here too with the return of two big UK outfits...check it all out below.

FLORIAN - Sweet Devotion

Some straight up disco pop MAGIC right here! All about those romantic 80's vibes, get this girl collabing with Client Liaison ASAP.


My fave new discovery of the month was randomly stumbling across this South African trio who are making some really fun indie pop, a bit like Mac DeMarco meets Vampire Weekend. A textured lil bop and an exciting indication of what's to come from The World Of Birds.

WAFIA - I'm Good

Well damn, closure never sounded so good but Wafia is WERKIN' it in this defiant post-heartbreak jam. A bold and confident new direction for the Brisbane artist who I CANNOT wait to see live again. I love her SO MUCH.


Okay, this song would sit PERFECTLY alongside The Black Ghosts and Blue Foundation on the Twilight soundtrack. Love the balance of power and constraint within this atmospheric soundscape, it's really stunning.

CXLOE - Show You

It's three for three from CXLOE, who's dropped the broodiness and gone big and bright on her latest pop offering. Love her confidence and what she's bringing to this genre.

GRETTA RAY - Radio Silence

Sweet baby G has just dropped her new EP and I was really surprised to learn that "Radio Silence" was a last minute addition to the release, because it PERFECTLY encapsulates this depth and sophistication we all know and love Gretta for. A really stunning sister song to previous release "Time". 


If this track alongside her last 3 offerings are anything to go by, we are in for one INCREDIBLE pop record from Eves next month. "Damn Loyal" is the latest taste and is something I could totally hear on a Lorde album or even on Taylor Swift's 1989 release. Strong hook, confident delivery, summery production and such a realised vision from this Brisbane act. Can't get enough!

LAUREL - Dogviolet {LP}

TFW your most anticipated record of 2018 ends up being your favourite (alongside Kacey Musgraves). Laurel has not disappointed on her full length debut which explores love on all levels and through a warm blend of indie rock, chamber pop and blues. With striking guitar riffs and a commanding vocal tone, DOGVIOLET is a gorgeous listen from start to end, but my personal highlights would be opening track "Life Worth Living", "Adored", "Crave" and "Lovesick". 

BASEMENT - Disconnect

So stoked to see the return of this UK band who in my opinion had one of the strongest albums of 2016 in "Promise Everything". This song is the straight forward kind of punk rock track that you would expect from these guys and that's totally sweet with me - if it ain't broke, don't fix it! <3


A smooth introduction to the trio's forthcoming record and one of my favourite tracks of theirs to date! These silky RnB vibes make for a welcome shift in sound from the hip hop group.


It's an absolute monster of a new single from the UK outfit who are wanting "to do heavy in a different way". The slight shift in sound definitely pays off, I can't get that chorus out of my head and I reckon this is totally built for their upcoming Australian stadium shows. 

The World Of Birds are ya cover boys this month, snapped by Daniel Colombo.