Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: April

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: April

My birthday month gifted me with so many wonderful new songs, and so many returns! Here's a few faves...

HEIN COOPER - Hear My Voice

After a solid run of live shows across the world, NSW singer songwriter Hein Cooper is back with a melodically rich pop number in 'Hear My Voice'. A tale of falsehood, the track presents some gorgeous acoustic and piano moments, with Cooper's vocal range weaving impressively throughout. It's a reflective piece of indie pop that has huuuuge crossover appeal (look out Vance Joy) and marks a confident return for this talented soul. <3


It's a shit hot anthem of self love and quite possibly my most played track of the month! Their first release in nearly two years, Sally and Erica dish out the sass as they deliver some witty af lyrics of putting yourself first, over a bouncy beat that flexes more of a pop/RnB muscle. Fresh, fun, flawless...5 STARS.

HOODLEM - Last Night

Through its glitchy beats, snappy clicks and claps, and Hoodlem's smooth vocals, "Last Night" makes for one addictive blend of electronic RnB. Any fans of Airling, NAO and Janet Jackson will froth this fresh cut from the Ballarat born, Toronto based solo artist.

BEN HOWARD - A Boat To An Island On A Wall



Sweet angel face Gretta Ray stole my heart in 2016 with her intelligent songwriting and elegant take on indie-pop, and the Melbourne artist has gone and blessed our ears yet again with new track 'Time'. More of a piano-led number than previous releases, Ray explores the notion of time and heartbreak with acceptance, rather than hurt and frustration. It's graceful and warm, with each listen feeling like a nice ol' hug. <3

HALFNOISE - All That Love Is

For me, this would have to be one of the most addictive  and dynamic releases of 2018 so far. Sonically speaking, ATLI is such a vibrant, danceable moment yet lyrically touching on darker themes of emptiness and heartbreak. A glorious mix of psychedelic and indie pop-rock that will satisify fans of The Rapture and Phoenix, and taken off new EP Flowerss.

ODETTE - Take It To The Heart

I was really excited to hear that this would be Odette's new single as it's been such a standout in her live set. One of her most upbeat tracks and deemed a "revenge song", TITTH is an empowering soul-pop anthem that will feature on Odette's debut album next month.


Another song that I've LOVED live and am so stoked to see finally released. It's sassy, bratty and a strong opening track to the bands energetic debut album, Confident Music For Confident People.


ARIANA GRANDE - No Tears Left To Cry

I'M LOVIN, I'M LIVIN, I'M PICKING IT UP. What starts off as a ballad quickly transitions into slick, diva pop, making No Tears an uplifting and triumphant return for the American superstar. Definitely out here vibin'.

NICKI MINAJ - Barbie Tingz

OK so I'm pretty sure that aside from her GOAT verse in 'Monster', this is my FAVOURITE thing that Nicki Minaj has done. Huge NYC vibe with those 808s and snappy synths but heck, can we talk about Nicki's delivery? Cos that is some straight f&$king fire. It's aggressive, it's confident, like every single line is a straight KO to anyone in her way and the opening verse is quick to solidify that (It's time to make hits and it's time to diss). More hits like this pls!

For more new music, check out my Spotify playlist here.

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