Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: March

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: March

Well March, you have truly outdone yourself! Usually on the blog I will present a list of my 10 favourite new sounds but this month I was super overwhelmed with the quantity AND quality of all of these fresh releases. I couldn't narrow my list down so as a bit of a once off, here are some words on 10 new songs and ANOTHER 10 that I really want you to check out! Enjoy...


This is a trio that I not only listed as an act to watch in 2017, but one that I just cannot simply fault. Hailing from Sydney, GLADES have been crafting some impeccable electro-pop sounds for about 18 months now and whilst latest offering “Dangerous” boasts another glorious synthscape, it’s the group’s songwriting that really shines through for me.  With lines like “Got carried away by the tides of our hurt” and “We’re making memories in the mayhem”, you just KNOW that the future of Australian of pop is indeed in safe hands.


I had the total pleasure of premiering this new song from Elli on Home & Hosed for International Women’s Day and I’ve literally had it on repeat ever since. Straying from her folk sensibilities as seen in her previous two offerings, “Gold Mess” is a bold tale of what I can only assume is ~forbidden love~ and escaping the small town that condemns it. Sonically, it’s an indie-pop darling full of sweeping guitars, rolling percussion and Elli’s stunning layered harmonies. Get around THAT VOICE!


The former Snakadaktal co-vocalist/guitarist has just punched out his second solo EP A Boy And His Rose and this is a gorgeous acoustic cut taken off it. Interestingly enough, Heathcliff regards this song as the hardest to write and even one he might try recording it again. Despite Heathcliff’s desire to recreate/reimagine “Coco Shaded Eyes”, I think it’s absolutely perfect – I love the simplicity and intimacy felt from this stripped back number.


Catcall, where you been girl? The last few years has seen the pop artist trade music for film however March marked Catcall’s return with “One Time”, a real disco grooving good time full of synths and sharp guitars. The lyrics are pretty repetitive but I like that, it’s an easy pop jam that really lifts my mood whenever I hear it. Welcome back, CC!


Another finely crafted piece of minimalist electro-pop and the latest taste of Tank’s debut LP due April 21, “Charlene” sees the Sydney producer create an understated soundscape of scattered beats and warped sounds sampled against his own smooth vocals. Very keen to hear all of this new material in a few months when Oliver embarks on his first national headline tour since 2014.


Definition of sublime right here. A sweeping and soulful number for you to wrap your ears around, backed by gentle, spacious electronic beats and Grace’s gorgeous vocals. This one was uploaded to the triple j Unearthed website on the very first day of March and was a real beaut to kick the month off with.


Totally agreeing with KLP in that Nyxen is one of the few producers who doesn’t need to rely on “drops’ for her songs to carry that huge vibe. Need proof? Check out “Is It Love”. Nxyen’s summery and carefree take on electronic music will have you gliding and feeling SAH good from start to end. Love what she’s doing.


Fresh outta high school, Gretta Ray is back with her first single of 2017 and it is one elegant slice of alternative pop thanks to its luscious fusion of acoustic guitar, strings and percussion. Lyrically, “Towers” apparently is the spiritual sequel to “Drive”, with its focus on the negative side of unrequited love but despite the darker narrative, you cannot help but melt at Ray’s charming and captivating delivery.  


You know those songs that have you sitting in your car, well after you’ve parked or pulled up in the driveway? Songs that are just so good that you have to hear the whole damn thing, no matter where you are or what you are doing? It’s what I’m now referring to as the Dean Lewis effect. This is your new go to guy for those gorgeous guitar-driven pop numbers with huge choruses and emotionally charged vocals. Have a listen to his newie “Need You Now” and see for yourself:


The world basically lost its shit when this new song dropped and rightly so. Her first single since featuring on the Hunger Games soundtrack back in 2014, “Green Light” marks a triumphant return for the New Zealand star who successfully relays feelings of heartbreak into a total euphoric, dance jam. Opening with steady yet sparse piano chords, Lorde is sounding pretty angry tbh but refuses to let her loss of love let her down as the song builds into a winding, almost rave like chorus and a bright, optimistic outro that will leave you screaming for that green light – I WANT IT!!!


AMY SHARK – Weekends

MEG MAC – Low Blows


TAJ RALPH – Beat The Keeper

ALICE IVY – Get Me A Drink {ft. E^ST + Charlie Threads}

SEASIDE – Sucked In To You

SWINDAIL – C’EST LA VIE {ft. Innanet James}

FAZERDAZE – Take It Slow

AIRLING – A Day In The Park {ft. Tom Iansek}

RUNNING TOUCH – You’re Saving That For Me


Crushing over this header pic of Grace Pitts? Emily Treacy took it and you can check out her work here!