Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: January

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: January

Well, what a cracking start to 2017! In no particular order, here are my fave sounds from Janurary...


If you like James Blake, you will totally vibe this 25 year old producer from London. The title track of his forthcoming EP, “Underwaterfall” is an eerie and tense slice of electro-soul that flows quite beautifully alongside Bearcubs’ sparse melodies and layered vocals. Immerse yourself below:


First things first, let’s talk Vera Blue. Not only is she an incredible artist, but she is damn smart. Her solo material is incredibly heartfelt and quite serene yet her recent collaborations see a cross to the electro-pop realm which isn’t typically an easy thing to do, but Vera is picking the right guys to work with (ie: Illy “Papercuts”) and NAILING it. The power of her vocals go beyond a feature, her chops are the HIGHLIGHT and the same goes with this recent team up with Perth duo Slumberjack.”Fracture” starts with some kick drums gradually build into one big ass drop and paired with Vera’s impeccable range, the result is ‘yuuuuge.


I’ve been yearning for new music from this Sydney-sider since the release of “Kick This” back in May last year so naturally I was over the moon not only to hear “Echo Point Motel” but to also learn that it is the title track of Darby’s forthcoming EP! Her vocals and melodies bring a real sweetness to this breezy, folk sound with guitar hooks that hint blues and alt- country. Warm and so well crafted, just wait until you hear this EP.


Australia Day has been a hot topic as of late and the increasing protests to move its date has received some solid AF support thanks to this epic collaboration between some of our finest hip-hop acts. Coda Conduct, Urthboy, Birdz, Thundamentals, L-Fresh The Lion, Nooky, Tasman Keith, Ozi Batla, Kaylah Truth and Hau all join forces with Indigenous broadcaster NITV, Elephant Traks and Bad Apples Music for “Change The Date”, a powerful statement delivered through a 360 degree camera. Check it out below:


I first came across Perth duo Foreign Architects back in my community radio days when we interviewed vocalist Matt Burke over the phone. It was a memorable encounter mainly because somehow, SOMEHOW Matt managed to get a stool stuck on his heard during our chat. Yes, a stool. There’s a video on their Facebook page if you want to see it but ANYWAY. The fellas have made yet another impression on me with new single “Poisonous Pill” – a psychedelic number full of rolling drums, fuzzy guitars and tidy vocals that at times hint vibes similar to Nirvana or even Mac Demarco. The song twists and turns, it’ll keep you on your toes and hopefully it keeps them stools off Matt’s head. So random….


It’s no secret how much I adore this group, one of my all-time faves and this is a gorgeous outtake from their 2015 album, twelvefour. I’m actually surprised “Holes” didn’t make said record but stoked they decided to release it for us anyway. Also check out the other outtake, “Breathing Fighting Love”.


I had the immense pleasure of seeing this lady perform at Fairgrounds Festival in December and there was a moment during her set that made me so darn teary. “I want you to be the last thing I see” was the lyric that totally and completely effed me up. I had no idea what song it was, until I listened to this slow-burning, guitar ballad of sorts. THIS IS IT. GET SOME TISSUES.


This Perth trio impressed my shoes off when I caught them at Northcote Social Club many moons ago and have got my toes tappin’ yet again with this groovy new offering. I love how these guys don’t overcomplicate their sound – it’s literally guitar, bass, drums and some vocals. It’s slick, it’s simple and will have you singing “Why’d you have to go and cut your hair” at any random time. New LP from Methyl Ethel drops March 3rd.


I’m not the only one to list this Sydney trio as a band to watch in 2017 and they have further cemented such faith with the release of new single “Never Start”. It’s everything a good alt-rock tune should be – thrashing drums, erratic guitar melodies and an addictive chorus that soars with vulnerability. Take a squiz at the blinding monochrome vid below:


A huge highlight from Tornado’s debut LP Lonely Planet, an eight-track album of downtempo dub and dreamy house beats. Featuring the spoken words of fellow Melbourne musician Sui Zhen and one slinky guitar solo, “Today” has a real hazy 80’s late night vibe that will leave you in a total trance.

Cool header pic of Middle Kids, huh? It was taken by the even cooler Jess Gleeson, you can take a squiz of her work here!