Bridget Hustwaite

Sounds Of: April

Bridget Hustwaite
Sounds Of: April

So many boppers in April! In no particular order, here's a few of my faves...


Well if there’s one breakthrough story to take from April, it’s definitely Ruby Fields. Chucks her debut single online and in the space of not even 24 hours, her Facebook followers have tripled and the internet has seemingly gone into meltdown over her blasting guitar hooks and lyrics that are just too damn relatable (I WANNA BE MORE THAN MY ATAR). You just simply cannot deny the angst and energy felt in this track. She’s a keeper.


It may be early days for this new project of Haxx and Rromarin but Kult Kyss have quickly proven to be ones to watch with the release of second single, “Water Baby”.  An invigorating mix of percussive beats and sharp synths, “Water Baby” is the euphoric follow up to their September debut “Get Up Boy” and will have you dancing and chanting U GOTTA LET GO!


My favourite 80’s synth boyz are backkkkk and with a change of pace in “For You”. A slow burner of sorts, the Adelaide four piece take things down a notch with this synth-pop ballad that was written in 2013, recorded in 2015 but only released this month! “For You” is ambient, it’s heartfelt and it’s definitely for me (pun punnnn get it).


Okay yes, there is a lot of electro-pop floating around right now but the simplicity of this new one from FLUIR was a real stand out for me this month. The Melbourne duo aren’t overcomplicating things when it comes to their 80’s influenced beats but Siobhan’s mesmerizing vocals and romantic lyrics will totally pull you in. Sounds a bit like Catcall meets Tegan and Sara (when they collabed with Tiesto). Cool vibe.


Get the fuck out of my face and leave my ass alone. Well, it doesn’t get more straightforward than this ~take it or leave it~ approach from Squid and that is exactly why I LOVE her. This lil pocket rocket outta Melbourne isn’t conforming to a particular sound or trend, she’s making the kind of music that she wants to make and she’s gonna tell you how it is, straight up. Whilst I wish this was a bit longer in duration, “Alligator” still stands as one badass yet organic jam through it’s utilization of synths, urban beats and vocal variation/looping. Coupla animal noises too.


He’s one of the most respected producers in Australia but Andrei Eremin has also proven to be quite the artist himself with the debut of GHOSTING. First release “One Summer” is taken off a mixtape that uses the soundtracks from basically every major Hayao Miyazaki film so you can only imagine how luscious and smooth it’s gonna be. Think delicate piano lines backed by percussive beats and bass. It will truly transport you.


Straight up, “Double Slit” is the most delicious AND dirtiest club jam I have heard all year. It’s the second release of 2017 for this Sydney trio and it’s a solid near 6 minute slice of deep bass and slinky synths. A total throbber.


Adelaide dude Tigerilla has flipping knocked one of out the park right here. Teaming up with Florida rapper Dominique Young Unique, “Merrygo” takes more of a hip hop-pop direction than electronic and the result is a dead set booty buster, full of energy and sass. Even if you don’t dance, this one will have you moving and is bound to boost Tigerilla’s profile as a producer on the rise. Deservingly so. ZING.


It’s been 4 years since we last heard from Paramore but they are back with a god damn bop and a half in “Hard Times” and I’m 2000% here for it. Tinged with 80’s pop- rock through its jangly drums, dancing guitar riffs and anthemic chorus lines, “Hard Times” is the vibrant and melodic first taste of Paramore’s forthcoming album After Laughter and is the brief moment of escapism I think we all needed, tbh.


SO GOOD to hear from this guy again. Inspired by his hectic touring schedule, “Breakneck Speed” makes for one catchy folk-rock number with an added burst of brass and definitely captures Kim’s refreshed sense of self. A song that was initially not even considered by Kim as one for the new album, but now the first taste of what’s to come – it’s a big welcome back for the talented (and very lovely) multi-instrumentalist.